Women’s Health

Westside helps women of all ages stay healthy (prevention), find out if something is wrong (diagnosis), and help them get better (treatment).

Family Planning & Birth Control

We provide the care you need to plan when you want to have children. Westside providers can help you plan to get pregnant or avoid pregnancy by using birth control.  We can also help you learn how to protect yourself during sex to avoid sexually transmitted infections (STIs) as well as provide testing and treatment.

We are a partner in the Delaware CAN initiative supported by Upstream USA. The goal of the Delaware CAN initiative is to improve public health by creating an environment where the women of Delaware can achieve their goals and become pregnant only when they want to.

We believe birth control should be affordable and accessible. As Bedside providers, we are able to serve and educate women on which birth control is the best fit for them. Visit Bedsider to learn more.

We Deliver Program – Pregnancy

Our We Deliver program provides comprehensive medical services you need to have a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby. You have a team of providers, nurses, and support staff who are here for you before you have a baby, while pregnant, and after the baby is born.  Our social services coordinators can help you get all the resources you need to bring your healthy baby home.

Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Healthy Food and Nutrition Services

We have partnered with WIC to provide the food and care your children need to stay healthy. We provide referrals to WIC for our patients. This program is for low-income women and their children up to the age of five.

Locations & Hours

Note that some of our hours have changed.

To schedule an appointment at one of our locations, please call (302) 224-6800.

Please fax all clinical information and/or medical health record information to (302) 322-6201.

Westside’s Provider-On-Call service is available for urgent medical questions or concerns when our office is closed, by calling (302) 655-5822.

For emergencies, dial 9-1-1 or go to the emergency room.

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