Protect Yourself Against Measles

In December 2023, the Delaware Department of Public Health reported a measles exposure in a local hospital. It is very important that your family is protected from measles. View advisory here 

Measles is very contagious and can be serious. Two doses of MMR vaccine provide the best protection against measles for your child and yourself.  

Westside Family Healthcare offers measles vaccine for all children and adults, regardless of ability to pay or insurance coverage.  

Please call 302-224-6800 to schedule your appointment. 

What is Measles?  

Measles is a virus that infects the respiratory system and results in a rash that covers the body. Measles is highly contagious and is spread through respiratory droplets from infected individuals. The most well-known symptom of measles is the rash that begins around the hairline and spreads to the trunk before reaching the arms and legs. Measles also causes several other symptoms including high fever, cough, fatigue and conjunctivitis (“pink eye”).  It can also have serious complications.  While measles is highly contagious there is a very safe and effective vaccine to help prevent illness. 

Vaccine recommendations  

There are two doses of the measles vaccine for the greatest level of protection. 

First DoseSecond Dose
Children*Age 12-15 monthsAge 4-6 years
Teenagers and adults
with no evidence of immunity**
As soon as possibleN/A
* CDC recommends this schedule for children 12 months and older. Infants 6-11 months and children 12 months and older traveling outside the U.S. should follow another schedule. 
** Acceptable evidence of immunity against measles includes at least one of the following: written documentation of adequate vaccination, laboratory evidence of immunity, laboratory confirmation of measles, or birth before 1957. 

Learn more about measles by clicking on the following resources:  

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