Take Action Now – Pass HB 383!

Lifesaving medications should never be out of reach. 

The 340B program guarantees that our uninsured patients have access to low cost medications and all patients have access to quality care they deserve.  Since 2020, more than 30 pharmaceutical companies have forced restrictions on Federally Qualified Health Centers making it near impossible for our uninsured patients to access necessary lifesaving medications.

State legislation is needed to stop manufacturers from limiting access to one contract pharmacy. Such restrictions hurt Delawareans’ access to medications and services, allowing manufacturers to make more money by avoiding as many discounts as possible. 

Join us in urging Delaware’s Senate to pass House Substitute 1 for House Bill 383 – a bill that bans restrictions on contract pharmacies and ensures investment in Federally Qualified Health Centers at no cost to taxpayers.  


Take Action Now. Here’s How:


Look Up Your State Senator Here

 How the 340B Program Works:

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