Lt. Governor Hall-Long Announces the Purchase and Distribution of Care Infant Formula for Delaware Families

February 1, 2023

NEWARK, DE – Delaware Lt. Governor Bethany Hall announced today that the State of Delaware, in partnership with Donate Delaware, has purchased 44,000 canisters of Care Infant Formula from Gensco Pharma. Delaware families with a child under the age of one are eligible to receive one 28.2 oz canister while supplies last. Canisters will be available for pickup starting February 2nd, at one of the distribution sites listed below and on the Lt. Governor’s website.

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Canisters of Care Infant Formula will be distributed to high-needs areas throughout Delaware. These areas were identified by using data from the Division of Public Health’s (DPH) Healthy Women, Healthy Babies program. Through the program, DPH has identified communities with high-risk indicators such as high infant mortality, high premature birth rates, and other factors that affect women’s health and birth outcomes in Delaware.

Health experts expect that one canister of Care Infant Formula will last a few weeks depending on the age of the child. It is critical you follow the directions on the label for your child. If you have questions about formula use, please contact your pediatrician and visit the FDA’s website.

It is important that you do not water down formula. One 28.2oz canister will provide around 21.5 eight-fluid-ounce bottles. The average can of formula contains around 12.5oz, the canisters that will be distributed are 28.2oz.

“Governor Carney and I know that the issues people care about most are the ones that affect their everyday lives. The past few years have been tough due to the pandemic and the inflationary and supply chain pressures on families across the country,” said Lt. Governor Bethany Hall-Long. “I have been out in the community and heard from parents in all three counties of our state about how they are facing issues locating infant formula. Today, with this announcement, we are taking action to help ease the burden on young families in Delaware. I would like to thank Gensco Pharma, Donate Delaware, Food Bank of Delaware, and all our other community partners for the incredible work they put in to make this happen.”

“There’s nothing more important than supporting Delaware families, and this infant formula will go right to families that need it the most,” said Governor Carney. “I want to thank Lt. Governor Hall-Long and all of our partners for their hard work and dedication in delivering this much needed formula.”

“Donate Delaware and its partners are excited about this opportunity to provide infant formula to those mothers and families throughout the State who cannot afford or have a hard time finding it due to limited supplies,” said Dr. Robert Andrzejewski, CEO of Donate Delaware. “Donate Delaware wants to thank Governor Carney, Lieutenant Governor Bethany Hall-Long, and their teams for allowing us to work on their behalf to distribute this infant formula statewide. We also want to thank Bank of America, the Food Bank of Delaware, Daniel Nalley, Dr. Paul Zimmerman, and the Gensco Pharma team for their generous support.”

“The past three years have been filled with so many struggles – especially for those living on limited incomes,” said Food Bank of Delaware President and CEO Cathy Kanefsky. “Between the pandemic, high costs due to inflation, and a formula shortage, it seems there haven’t been many breaks for families. Despite obstacles, I am always hopeful that better days are ahead. The challenges we have seen over the past three years have shined a light on what a true state of neighbors we are. Here in Delaware, we work together – it’s the Delaware way… and it’s the only way. We are grateful for our partnership with the State of Delaware and Donate Delaware to be able to provide families in our community with this much-needed formula. I know it will be a relief to so many.”

“Henrietta Johnson Medical Center is pleased to be a formula distribution site. As a community health center, we are proud to partner with the State on this project,” said Shay Scott, CEO, Henrietta Johnson Medical Center.

“We are grateful to our federal and state partners and their efforts to secure infant formula that will go a long way in helping our most vulnerable citizens thrive,” said Lolita Lopez, President & CEO of Westside Family Healthcare. “For nearly a year, Delaware families made tough choices so they can afford to nourish their babies and ensure their healthy development. In partnership with the Food Bank of Delaware, Westside’s Wilmington and Bear health centers will be an infant formula distribution site making access to formula available five days a week, including evening hours.”

“First State Community Action Agency is proud to partner with the Food Bank of Delaware to provide baby formula to families in the state of Delaware. The program adds support to those families in need and will be able to make sure their babies are fed and kept safe and healthy,” said Bernice Edwards, First State Community Action Agency Executive Director.

“The Delaware Regional Dream Center finds the forgotten and helps them build a firm foundation through our sustainable Community Outreach, Restoration, and Hunger Relief programs. We are truly thankful for this opportunity to provide baby formula to those Delaware families in need,” said Matthew Morrison, Executive Director of the Delaware Regional Dream Center. “Through this highly collaborative event, we look to unite the community members to become a beacon of light, a house of Hope in a world of pain.”

“Unfortunately for too long in American society we have had two vulnerable populations that being children and seniors,” said Dr. Christopher Alan Bullock, Pastor, New Canaan Baptist Church of Delaware. “The availability of quality baby formula will help to properly nourish our children and ease the stress level of mothers. Thank you Lt. Governor Hall-Long for your effective advocacy and leadership.”

“The ongoing baby formula shortage has been troubling for patient families and the community at large that needs this critical resource,” said Hal Byck, MD, Physician in Charge, Nemours Children’s Health, Jessup Street. “Nemours Children’s Health is proud to serve as a formula distribution site and partner with the state and the Food Bank of Delaware to provide access to this medical necessity.”

“The formula will be a great resource for the community,” said Dara DuPont, Deputy Director, Rose Hill Community Center. “Moms call the center all the time asking for help, and we are thankful we are able to help them meet the needs of their babies.  Partnering with the Food Bank of Delaware allows us to remain true to our mission.”

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