Our offices will be closed for the holidays on the following: Wednesday, 12/24 starting at 3 PM; Thursday, 12/25 all day; Wednesday, 12/31 starting at 5 PM; and Thursday, 1/1 all day. If you need medical assistance, please call (302) 655-5822 and leave a message for our on-call physician. Please call 911 for any emergencies. //// Nuestras oficinas estarán cerradas durante los dias de fiesta en: Miércoles 24 de Diciembre – 3:00 p.m.; Jueves 25 de Diciembre – Todo el Día; Miércoles 31 de Diciembre – 5:00 p.m.; Jueves 1 de Enero – Todo el Día. Si usted necesita asistencia medica, llame por favor al (302) 655-5822 y deje un mensaje para el doctor de guardia. Llame al 911 si tiene alguna emergencia.

If this is a medical emergency, please dial 911 immediately.

In order to ensure that your medical concerns get the most timely response, please do not make medication requests, referral requests, or appointment requests, or address personal medical situations through this form. Contact one of our office locations to make these requests or to speak to our qualified medical providers.

Westside will make every effort to respond to your message within two business days.

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Westside Family Healthcare cares about your health and safety.

If you have a concern, or a suggestion to improve patient safety and quality of care, please ask to speak with a manager.

If you need help with enrollment in the Health Insurance Marketplace, please do so here.

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